Introducing: Strobist Lighting in Layers DVDs

Introducing: Strobist Lighting in Layers DVDs

In May of 2008, this site introduced its first commercial offering, the Strobist Lighting Seminar on DVD. It was a start-from-zero tutorial, complete with a newb discussion, a lighting seminar and a set of bonus shoots which were mostly designed around teaching different basic lighting techniques.

A lot has changed since 2008.

The number of photographers using small flashes creatively has exploded, all over the world. And the way photographers share techniques and knowledge has evolved, too.

As a result, people’s understanding of lighting has gotten more nuanced. Photographers around the world are pushing their small-flash skills into different outlets and business models. But others are still mired in the technical, searching for outlets for their new-found techniques.

Or spending way too much time photographing the cat in their basement studio.

To that end, an update to the first series of DVDs is shipping off to the presses for release in early March.

Today I am happy to announce’s second DVD installment, “Lighting in Layers”…

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Ik heb in elk val een pré-order geplaatst.



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